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Become a money manager

Having skilled trading experience but seems like no one appreciates?
Looking for a way to increase your income other than trading?

Looking for people who can truly appreciate your expertise?

Want to prove your worth in this market?

Become one of our money managers NOW! 

We have over thousands clients who do not know what and how to do with their capitals. It is the time for you to help them and help yourself to create more income with your skills at the same time.

Why choose Trademaster?

Trademaster enables talented and experienced investors to potentially generate a significant level of income by managing clients on our platform. We have both program trade and manual trade. If you think you are suitable to become one of the money managers, apply to our platform and get paid.

Money managers on the trade master platform have different areas of expertise on trading different products, including forex, commodities, crypto etc.

By using our MAM (Multi- account management) system, you can manage several accounts at the same time.  

So what are you waiting for?

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