Multi Account Manager


What is MAM?

MAM stands for Multi Account Manager. It is a complex tool made simple to use to make the trade easier. The system enables trader to manage multiple accounts in a single user interface

Therefore, with just a few clicks, money managers are able to execute trades across several accounts simultaneously. Consequently, the account they conduct trades from is termed the master account, whereas the rest of the managed accounts are known as sub accounts.

Why MAM?

If you trade simply to manage your own capital, feel free to trade using any account.
Though if you’re an investment firm or a professional trader managing client money, or a finance-savvy trader who manages your extended family members’ trading accounts, trading using a MAM account is an option. The single most important benefit is the time factor.
To illustrate, if you manage 10 accounts, with a MAM account you will only need to spend a tenth of the time you would normally use to trade all your clients’ accounts. The time saved, therefore, can be put to better use to things such as conducting research, which in turn should lead to more informed trading decisions. If you are looking to save even more time, combining your multi account manager with automated trading strategies (Expert Advisors – EAs) is an option.

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