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Fund management firm that provides relevant solutions with the goal of the clients’ financial well being by bridging financial complexities, and aligning vital resources in the trading industry. They have also been educating people about the importance of investing, fund management and coaching for those who wants to learn.

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Historic Return

Products Mainly Traded

Monthly: 5-20% 

Annually: 50 – 100%

Forex, Commodity, Precious metal

Investment Strategy

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Day trade and Swing trade


Grow Your Wealth While You Sleep.

Take control of your finances by investing in the right sources by using our flagship investment management service powered by a fund manager and a robo-advisor

Redefining passive income

Join the hundreds of people who believe in our service and are making an average of 5 – 15% month over month! 

How does it work?

Employing a strategy where it utilizes both the fund managers and robo-advisors, to ensure our clients’ funds are in safe hands.

Fund Managers

In-house fund managers with years of experience to execute and monitor trades, utilize years of experience to manage the robo-advisors that run at all times.


Only top-notched robs-advisors that have been through severe and exhaustive testing by fund managers.

Hybrid System

Incorporate both fund managers and rigorously-tested rob-advisors. This is to ensure that while the fund managers sleep, the robo-advisors will trade in their place.

  • Experience 24-hour trades 5 days a week
  • Enjoy peace of mind as trades are automatically placed
  • Brings out the best of both fund managers and robo-advisors.

Risk Management

Taking clients’ funds very seriously and ensure that the appropriate safety measures are in place to execute trades professionally. Trades are based on renowned strategies added with a little taste of the very own experience. 

  • Drawdown at a fixed rate of 30%
  • Risk only 0.2-1% per trade 
  • Strict adherence to internal trading rules

Commitment to the safety

Uphold safety and security as the core values. Committed to creating a safe environment to invest. The broker used is under the supervision of the Financial Department.

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