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6 years of operating experience and has complete operating rules and procedures. The team is divided into strategists, traders and risk managers. Each member cooperates and restricts each other.

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Historic Return

Product Mainly Traded

Annually: 67%-91%

Gold, Crude oil, Foreign exchange

Investment Strategy

EA Manual

Portfolio, trend investment

EA + Manual

Technique is the basic. Strategy is the core.

Profit-loss ratio is the weapon. Execution is the key.

Discipline is the kingly way. Capital management is the life.

Exclusive Trading Strategies

1. Short term little prince

2. Solar Precise System

3. 531 Super Short Term Trading Method

4. Central Pivot Three Zone Trend Trading Method

5. Compass Automated Trading Method

6. Simplified Wave Trend Trading Method

3 JBP Main Principles

1. Return comes from accumulative compound interest but not profiteering. Profiteering implies liquidation.

2. Super traders trade without perspective. They only believe their own trading system.

3. Saving the principal is the life of a super traders.

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