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The Gold Booster team has been in the finance industry for more than 10 years. The team has multiple backgrounds varying from financial industries like banking, crypto and stock trading. In recent times, the team focuses on investing and fund management.

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Monthly: 5-20% 

Annually: 100%


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Day trade 


Multiple Background Team

Team members with financial industries like banking, crypto and stock trading.


Banking is a financial field with the longest history.  It may have begun in ancient Assyria and Babylonia. 

Cryto Trading

Cryptocurrency is the newest trend in the investment world. digital assets created using computer networking software that enables secure trading and ownership.  

Stock Trading

Stock trading is a form of investing that prioritizes short-term profits over long-term gains. It can be risky to dive in without the proper knowledge.

Combination of Classics and Modern that creates sparks!

Manual Trading 

As our team is a combination of classic and modern background, we believe that manual trading is the way to profit. Manual trading is a trading process that involves human decision-making for entering and exiting trades.

Two main Trading Strategies

Scalping Method

Scalping strategy targets minor changes in intra-day stock price movement, frequently entering and exiting throughout the trading session, to build profits.

Often classified as a subtype of the day trading technique, scalping involves multiple trades of very short holding periods from a few seconds to minutes. Since positions are held for such short periods, gains on any particular trade (or profits per trade) are small. As a result, scalpers carry out numerous trades—into the hundreds during an average trading day—to build profit. Limited time exposure to the market reduces scalper risk.

Swing Method

The strategy of swing trading involves identifying the trend, then playing within it. For example, swing traders would usually pick a strongly-trending stock after a correction or consolidation, and just before it’s ready to rise again, they would exit after pocketing some profit. Such buying and selling methods are repeated to reap gains.

Source: MyFxbook

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